His Love Street Hotel

Trey Martinez 
His background in social media helps us reach people one tweet at at time.

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

our leadership team

  • Trey Louis Noran was born in Denver, Colorado. He spent his first years in west Denver, an area known for despair. At age five his widowed mother placed Noran in a private boys school called Clayton College for Boys. He later graduated from Rose Ministry. Trey Noran was born Louis Anthony Olguin to parents Gloria and Louis Olguin. Trey Noran is the godson of screen movie legend Mae West. His passion for those in need has been hard and tough at times, but his determination and love keeps him strong and is working on a vision to open a hotel for those in need.

Trey Louis Noran

Foundation History

  1. 1989 - Trey Noran gets involved with Praise Center in Denver to reach and feed the homeless on the streets of Denver.
  2. 1994- Trey Noran starts "His Love Street Ministries" in Denver, Colorado.
  3. 2013-Trey Noran relocates to Las Vegas and making an impact to help those in need.
  4. 2014 - Trey Noran opens His Love Street Community Center in downtown Las Vegas.
  5. November 2017 Opening of Our Boulder City, Nevada Bible and Referral Center.
  6. July 2018 Glory to God our vision is to open a Hotel in Las Vegas to house those in need.

Our Vision is a great hotel for those in need, to restore hope by locating  employment and helping them obtain a home of their own.  We don't use RELIGION, but faith and the word of christ. 

Making a difference ​

recent programs

We are highly and actively involved with the community with feeding those in need through our food pantry and helping with mental illness.​

His​ Love  Street Outreach

​Making A Difference

Kevin Noran
Our out-reach Director