Funding for our Mission.

We don’t ask for contributions other than food once a year for our Senior Dinner Event in December. My passion and love for those in need started 30 years ago in Denver, Colorado where I worked with a Church and their Street Ministry; and after they gave up I kept hitting the streets for the Glory of God. Many times I made Sandwiches and Burritos, which I then delivered on my bicycle. I would travel the streets to feed and give prayer for those on the Streets. In 2005 I located to Las Vegas where I hit the streets with very little except a huge desire to open a place to feed the many in need. Well months went by and after asking several companies and folks for almost 5 years I prayed and believed that when it was God’s will that monies would come. This is why I gave up the endless letters and stressful nights wonder when monies would come in. This is why we don’t ask for monetary contributions. 

As in those five years of asking the most we would get were food vouchers for meals to hand out at our fundraisers. So for the next four years we did “Events” and Las Vegas Shows. The monies that came in brought us three to five thousand dollars, but never enough for a place of our own. You see when your the little guy you find yourself asking more than others. Most companies stick to large charities like Goodwill, Red Cross and in Las Vegas; Three Square. But, one thing I never lost was hope as God planned a vision of a “Hotel” for those in need. Soon after, God sent me an awesome man who is a doctor that only wants to be known as “A Man Of God”. He has blessed us to get our own location and in the past years we have  fed those in Reno Nevada, Bullhead City, AZ and here in Las Vegas. We hit the streets with amazing men and inmates from Casa Grande. Men who have turn their lives around and want to be a service to God. We feed, clothe and pray for those in need weekly. 

The Las Vegas laws prohibit us from taking food on the streets as the tourist here are their main priority. Public officials state that if you give them food it only encourages these folks to panhandle. In many cases this is not true as many of us are seriously one pay check from becoming homeless. Well with my heart breaking notice of no more food, I prayed and asked God what to do. At times we feed at our small location, but when you have God’s favor there is always a way. Well what came to me is to buy food cards from restaurants like McDonalds, for $6.00 a piece. Praise my God as this was better than passing food on the streets. As with the food cards it does so much more, it gives them 2 hamburgers, fries, coke and a place to use the public facilities which many search for and last allows them to get out of the heat or cold. We pass out cards with prayer, hugs and invite them to come to our weekly service. God is so good and one day if my vision becomes reality we will get blessed with a Hotel. 

God be the Glory.

His​ Love  Street Outreach

​Making A Difference