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Internet whiz kid and Director of outreach.

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Food pantry coordinator.

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His Love Street Out-Reach Church Nevada


Working with members in our community and making a difference for the Love of “God". For more than 20 years, His Love Street has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for those in need, from vets to families and bringing awareness of the homeless problem along with mental issues and outreach in hard lived areas. Our new location in Boulder City, Nevada we do Bible studies, with word of God with LOVE, along with fellowship, desserts pot-lucks and empower individuals that volunteers whom give of their God given talents. Our motto is “We Can And Will Make A Difference Together". His Love Street has been funded by one  gentleman and and those that give us food in the Las Vegas area. 

God be the glory.



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God’s hands will lead you when you feel you’ve lost your way because the Lord will go before you. (Isaiah 45:1)

God’s hands will comfort you when you’ve lost your dearest friend because He is near to the brokenhearted. (Psalm 34:18)

When God gave me a passion for the homeless, I knew it would be hard, but he always pulls us through. If you would see, what I see your heart would not be so hard. We offer bible studies, lunches, clothing along with sharing the love of God. And soon we will offer housing. 
​God Bless and may "2017" be a year that God shall bless you with all that he has for you.

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Find your inner power by helping others

Our Mission

1000 Buchanan Street
Boulder City, Nevada 89006



​​Our mission is to help provide food, and support services for the homeless and mothers with children along with the single person.

His Love Street Center is a Christian non-profit organization providing help and hope for  those in need and outreach services leading to self-sufficiency and self-worth.

We have traveled from Denver to Las Vegas a helping homeless vets, singles and mothers with children. In the 20 plus years by the grace of God we have never turned anyone who was in true need of food along with sharing the love of God.

Our Outreach teams goal is to reach thousands in the downtown in Las Vegas area assisting in the need of food and job assist. Our second center shall be opening December 2017. We are asking for your help to feed our hard hit community. 

Core Values

Faith — Responding to God’s love offers eternal life and hope that transcends circumstances

Accountability — Stewardship of resources

Mercy — Empathizing and meeting the needs of those in distress

Integrity — Integration of faith and practice

Leadership — Christian mentoring to families

Involvement — Community collaboration to respond to client needs

Encouragement — Assisting families in identifying and meeting their individual goals

Support — Building on existing family strengths

His​ Love  Street Outreach

​Making A Difference

501 c-3 Non-profit-Public Charity


Nancy Roberts

Volunteer Adm.